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Centerburg Music Department Handbook

All Middle and High School Band and Choir Students and their Parents need to review the policies and procedures in this year's edition of the Handbook. After reading them, follow this link to a form where you can sign off on having read it.  The form results will go directly to the directors. Please do this by September 2, 2016. 

If you prefer having a printed version we can get one to your child in class. 

Please mark important dates on your calendar now so that you know when all concerts and event are! 

Centerburg Middle/High School
Music Department Handbook

Mr. Chuck Dettmar-Band Director
Mrs. Stasi Culbertson-Choir Director

Welcome Letter from the Director 3
Band Information 4
Band Grading and Performance Evaluations 5
Choir Information 6
Choir Grading 7
Calendar of Events 8
Music Department Activities 9
Attendance Policy 10
Motivation & End of the Year Awards 11
Uniforms and Concert Dress 12
Parents and the Centerburg Music Boosters 13
Membership Agreement Form & Contact Information 14

Welcome to the Centerburg Music Department!
We are very excited for this year!  There are many new and wonderful opportunities for us in the days ahead.  From Marching Band Performances to the Alumni Concert in the fall, the ⅞ Musical  to holiday concerts, to the High School trip to Walt Disney World in the spring, we look forward continuing to work with you in developing our tradition of excellence.  

Individual excellence and growth is the key to any group’s success, and this is especially true for those in the music department. Our final product is not a poster board to be thrown away, but an experience we share with friends, family and our community. This means that there is a different kind of expectation placed on our ensembles. Every member is expected to reflect the group with pride, integrity and honor.

It is our intent to outline all of the possible contingencies that may occur in any given year in a music program. We feel that if expectations are clearly defined and presented, both students and parents will have a clear picture of what we are striving for. The Centerburg Music Department has a very high expectation and goals for our students.  With all of your help, we know that we will be successful musically and as a community. We know that we have the talent and we hope there is the desire to achieve these goals. Remember, this is YOUR music department and it will only be as successful as YOU make it.  Know that we care about each of you and are concerned about your success as a group and individuals. Please feel free to come and talk about comments, questions, or concerns.
Musically yours,
Chuck Dettmar, Director of Instrumental Music
Stasi Culbertson, Director of Choral Music


Daily Requirements for Band

  1. Instrument in working condition
  2. All Concert Band Music – in rehearsal order for the day
  3. Pencil
  4. Good work ethic / Desire to do your best.

Rehearsal Rules
  1. Students will be on time to rehearsal.  During school, on time is being in your seat with your instrument three (3) minutes after the bell rings.
  2. Students will come to rehearsal prepared.  To be prepared means to have your instrument and music ready in performance condition.  To be prepared is also to have rehearsed your part and to be ready to play it with the group.
  3. Students will use the first three minutes of class for personal warm-up in a professional manner.  Brass: long tones, lip slurs, scales; woodwinds: long tones, scales, fingering exercises; Percussion: flexibility/speed exercises and rudiments.
  4. When the director or other designated leader steps onto the podium all activity will cease.  It is vital that everyone pays attention and gets quiet immediately.
  5. During rehearsal there should be no talking.  When the director is working with a small group, you should pay attention.  Chances are the same problem will appear in your part.
  6. At no time should any student handle any equipment, music, instruments, or property not belonging to or checked out to them.  Students violating this rule will forfeit their entire daily grade.
  7. Students must bring a pencil (not Pen) to every rehearsal to make corrections and helpful marks.
  8. There will be no eating, drinking, or chewing gum in the band room at any time during rehearsal.  Students violating this rule will forfeit their entire daily grade.
  9. Cell phones must not be out in the open unless being utilized for instruction.

Instrumental Performance Evaluation

The director will monitor each student’s progress on his or her instrument during the academic year through auditions and playing/reading tests.  Auditions are always live evaluations, while playing tests are generally recorded and submitted to the director.  Specific details regarding an evaluation will be supplied in advance of the evaluation date.

Please understand that the purpose of any performance evaluation is to monitor individual progress.  In such a fashion, students are not evaluated one against another, but rather as individuals.  Placement within a section is therefore not necessarily a rank ordering of playing skill, but rather placement according to where each student can best benefit within the section.

Instrumental Audition / Playing Test Requirements

  1. Scales played legato, evenly and smooth, one octave ascending and descending, except for clarinets which should play scales in two octaves.  
  2. Selection of music performed for the audition / test will be given out prior to the deadline of the performance.
  3. You must have your audition / playing test complete by the designated time.
  4. Playing tests will be used as individual measurable assessments through the quarter.  Anyone not submitting their playing test will receive a 0 for the assessment grade.

The director will be happy to help and one as time permits, during study halls, lunch periods, or after school.

Middle School Band Class Grading

10 pts. Weekly class participation
10 pts. Weekly class progress
20 pts. Written and other quizzes
10 pts. (per week) Monthly practice logs  ( 6th graders only)
50 pts. Individual Performance / Audition Tests
100 pts. Concerts

High School Band Class Grading

10 pts. Weekly class participation
20 pts. Marching band evaluations ( Musical and/or marching ) - Fall season
50 pts. Individual performance tests
100 pts. Concerts and other perfromances

High School “Honors” Band Class Grading

The honors band student will adhere to whatever is listed in the regular concert band class plus the following:

25 pts. Prepare and record successfully any and all exerpts required for entrance    into the OMEA District 10 Honor Band. (fall)
100 pts. Preparation and execution of required solo and scales in the annual OMEA Solo and Ensemble Festival. (winter)
100 pts. Preparation and performance in the annual CHS Solo and Ensemble Recital  (winter)
100 pts. Successful completion of honors independent study research project in music.  (spring)

The 5 F’s of Rehearsal
  • Students will be on time to rehearsal.  On time is being in your spot with your music and a pencil 2 minutes after the bell rings.
  • There will be no eating, drinking, or chewing gum in the choir room at any time during rehearsal.  Students violating this rule will forfeit points from their daily grade.
  • Students will come to rehearsal prepared.  To be prepared means to have your music ready in rehearsal order, as written on the board, and a pencil on hand for making corrections or helpful markings in the score. To be prepared is also to have rehearsed your part on your own time and to be ready to sing it with the group.
  • When the director begins the “sh,sh,sh, sh” pattern, all activity will cease.  It is vital that everyone pays attention and gets quiet immediately.
  • During rehearsal there should be no talking, texting, snap chatting, etc.  When the director is working with a small group, you should pay attention.  Chances are the same problem will appear in your part.
  • Once in place daily warm ups will begin. Warm ups are a necessary part of every rehearsal because they prepare the voice to sing. This time will include vocalizing, stretching, breathing and posture exercises and folk tunes. It’s imperative that everyone be focused and warms up as an individual and as a group to produce the best sound during rehearsal.
  • After warm ups, there may be a time that we work on Sight Singing, this is where we read music we’ve never seen before and try to sing it on sight.
  • Once these things are over, rehearsal of the repertoire will begin. This could include everyone rehearsing as a group, sectional time, or another activity. FOCUS is required throughout.
  • There may be times when the director asks you to do something new or different. Please keep a flexible attitude that’s ready to take on new challenges as they arrive.
  • You WILL be asked to step out of your comfort zone, be prepared!
  • Choir or chorUS is a group activity. We are only as strong as our weakest member. We all have to work together to make the group succeed.
  • You may not know, or even like the people around you during the rest of the school day, but, in this room, we are FAMILY. You will treat each member with respect and kindness.
  • At no time should any student handle any equipment, music, or property not belonging to or checked out to them.  Students violating this rule will forfeit their entire daily grade.
  • There is nothing like vocal music to reach out across boundaries and expand your world. I want each of you to own your own specialness and not be afraid to sparkle and shine on stage! We can be great if everyone claims ownership of this group and works hard!

Choir Grading System

All students will be graded fairly based on their own individual accomplishments. All members of the Centerburg Music Department begin each grading period with an “A.” Students will be evaluated on the following elements:
  • Attendance and participation at all concerts and performances

  • Daily participation in the ensemble – the student will be prepared for class with their music and a pencil and will participate in all phases of the ensemble activity with appropriate attitude and discipline.

  • Weekly progress assessment and music mastery grades

  • Other work relating to music and a better understanding of its place in history, development of musical forms and styles, and the building blocks of music.  This may include, but not be limited to: written work, homework, videos, listening in class and/or at home, class performance, and written tests.

Choir Daily Grade
Every day students have an “A” for the class period. It’s up to the student if they keep it. Each day there are 5 points and if students are engaged and prepared they keep those 5 points. These are reasons which would cause the grade to be lowered:
  • Not bringing music and supplies to class
  • Not having music out when rehearsing
  • Not singing
  • Talking to neighbors
  • Causing distractions to the class
  • Rude or disruptive behavior

Calendar of Events

Oct 1, 9am-4pm Centerburg Alumni Choir Festival
Oct 26, TBA Otterbein Honor Choir, Otterbein University (By audition only)
Nov 5, TBA Honors Choir, Mount Vernon Nazarene University (By audition only)
Nov 11, 7pm One Magic Moment the Middle School musical, auditorium
Dec 12, 7pm High School Choir and Band Winter Concert, Auditorium
Dec 13, 7pm 7th & 8th Grade Choir and Band Winter Concert, Auditorium
Dec 15, 7pm Elementary and 6th Grade Choir and Band Concert, Auditorium
Dec 21, TBA Tri-M Talent Show, Auditorium
Jan 26, 7pm Honor’s Recital, Auditorium
Jan 28, TBA High School Solo & Ensemble, Granville High School
Mar 7, 7pm 7th & 8th Grade Choir and Band Concert, Auditorium
Mar 8, 7pm       High School Choir and Band  Concert, Auditorium    
Mar 10 & 11, TBA High School Large Group, Centerburg MS/HS
Apr 6-11 High School Choir and Band Trip to Walt Disney World
Apr 28-29 HS State Large Group Adjudication (If we qualify in March)
May 6, TBA MS Large Group, Big Walnut High School
May 8, 7pm High School Choir and Band  Concert & Awards, Auditorium   May 9, 7pm 7th & 8th Grade Choir and Band Concert & Awards, Auditorium May 11, 7pm Elementary & 6th Grade Concert & Awards, Auditorium
May 21 , 3pm Graduation, Gymnasium
These dates and times have been given to you as early as possible so that students have no excuses for missing a performance.

Music Department Activities

High School Solo & Ensemble:  
Students are not required to participate in Solo and Ensemble Adjudication, but it is strongly encouraged.  Any member may perform a solo or in an ensemble.  Solo and Ensemble Contest offers a chance to practice individual performance, which will enhance each students ability to understand and perform music at a higher level. Those involved will prepare a piece to perform for a judge (an experienced music teacher from another district.) Students will be given the opportunity to personally work with an accompanist to prepare for the event. There is a small fee to participate in this event. Honor students are required to participate  
OMEA District X Honors Choir and Band:
These auditioned groups are made up of students from choirs around OMEA District 10.   A music committee selects the music and the director receives requirements about six weeks before the audition.  Students who participate will receive an Honors group T-Shirt, Lunch during the event, and a CD recording of their performance. Honor students are required to audition.
OMEA Large Group Adjudication:
Concert Choir will participate in Large Group Adjudicated events in March of 2017. This requires the ensembles to prepare together a required piece and selections made by the directors based on class difficulty. Large Group Adjudication provides an outlet for higher-level performance and musical understanding in regards to concert literature.
During adjudication we perform for 3 judges (music educators). From there the groups will perform a sight reading piece for another judge. They will then be given a score. Each year the groups have improved exponentially with the end goal being to qualify for State Level adjudication. Let’s make this our year!!  

Private Lessons:  
All members are highly encouraged take one instructional lesson per week.  If anyone is interested in private lessons feel free to contact the director and receive a list of professionals available for instruction.

The Tri-M Music Honor Society is an international program dedicated to the recognition of exceptional music students in grades 10-12 that meet the music, academic, leadership, and character criteria asked of every Tri-M member. Tri-M is a program of MENC: The National Association for Music Education, which is the largest arts education association in the world.
Inductions are held annually in the Spring at the Music Department Awards Banquet. See Mrs. Culbertson for more information.

H.S. Jazz Band:
High School Jazz Band is comprised of outstanding saxophones, trombones, trumpets, piano, bass, drums and guitar, with the occasional addition of a flute and or clarinet for solo purposes.   The group is made up primarily of students in grades 9-12, although may include a small percentage of 8th grade musicians if the instrumentation demands.  Rehearsals are Friday afternoons from 3:00-4:30 PM and begin in mid fall.

Pep Band:  
The pep band is a performing ensemble comprised of outstanding and highly spirited members of the band.  The pep band plays for basketball games, pep rallies, and special events.  Selected games for both the Boys and Girls teams will be announced once the season begins.  Students must participate in a portion of pep band performances but are not required to participate in all games.  All members of the pep band should arrive no later than 6:00pm for rehearsal before the game.

Attendance Policy
To be early is to be on time, To be on time is to be late, To be late is to be left behind

Daily Attendance
  • The secretary will take attendance and warm-ups will begin. Anyone who enters the classroom after, or who is not in place in chairs/on the risers will be counted as tardy unless there is a written excuse from a teacher.
  • Three tardies are the equivalent of one missed day of class and may result in the lowering of a percentage of the letter grade.

Rehearsal Absence
Absence will be handled according to school policy. An absence excuse must be presented within two days of the absence or it will count as unexcused. An unexcused absence may result in the lowering of the letter grade by one third (i.e. from A- to B+).

Performance Attendance
There are few excuses for missing a performance.  Every student is a vital member of the group effort and absences affect not only the missing student but also every other student in attendance, causing a drop in performance quality.  Performances are the director’s way of assessing ensembles performance ability and of concepts learned in class time. For weeks and months the group has been preparing pieces together, if one member is absent the whole ensemble is affected. If a student misses a performance the grade may be lowered one letter grade.  You are expected to arrive on time to performances according to the schedule and stay for the duration, or until dismissed by the director.

When may I be absent without grade penalty?
If there is an inevitable conflict it must be submitted in writing to the teacher at least one week in advance. An excused absence may be obtained for the following reasons:
  1. Death in the family
  2. Extreme personal illness – the student is expected to have a Doctor’s note stating the student’s inability to perform.
  3. Situations involving extenuating circumstances, special situations of a one time only nature, or circumstances relating to personal/family emergencies may be excused at the discretion of the director.
  4. Student who are actively representing Centerburg Local Schools in a scholastic or competitive event MAY be excused at the discretion of the director.

What is NOT excused?
  1. Work is never an excuse for missing any performance. Do not ask.
  2. Doctor appointments, non-emergency appointments, and meetings in general will not be excused.  Students should consult the calendar when scheduling personal medical appointments.
  3. Club meetings are not excused absences.  Our rehearsal schedule is designed to allow for your attendance at most club activities.  While you should enjoy high school and all that it offers, please do not load yourself with so many activities that you are not an effective member of any of them.

Make-Up Work
Tardiness and unexcused absences may be rectified in the grade books by completing an essay or project that will be assigned by the teacher. The successful completion of the essay or project will be presented and result in the rising of the grade according to the discretion of the director.

Throughout the school year section leaders will keep track of points earned by the members of their sections. Rewards will be given based on participation, extra curricular involvement (Solo & Ensemble, Tri-M, honor’s choir, etc), good citizenship, and exceptional work. Totals will be added at the end of each quarter and awards will be given. At the end of the year there will be some special awards presented to exceptional high school students. Those are as follows:
National School Choral Award
The National School Choral Award is awarded to a senior choir member in recognition of singular merit, ability, and achievement of outstanding contributions to the success of the Centerburg High School Choir.  This student has shown excellent leadership, strong musicianship, and high levels of commitment and dedication to the High School Choir.

The Directors’ Award
The Director’s Award is awarded to a senior choir member who has proven to be one of the best musicians and leaders in the high school choir by displaying an unending dedication, service, loyalty, cooperation, dependability, and merit.  This award does not have a limit of how long a senior has been in the choir. The student chosen will be by the director.

John Phillip Sousa Band Award
The John Philip Sousa Band Award is a highly distinguished award, presented to a senior band member who has participated in the high school band program, both marching and concert, for four years.  The band member chosen to receive this award will display superior musicianship, merit, leadership, dependability, loyalty, cooperation, and dedication to the Centerburg High School Band.  The recipient final decision rests with the band director.
Patrick S. Gilmore Award
The Patrick S. Gilmore Award is presented to a senior band member who has participated in the high school band program, both marching and concert, for three or more years. The band member chosen to receive this award will display excellent musicianship, leadership, loyalty, cooperation, and dedication to the Centerburg High School Band.  It is awarded to an individual other than the recipient of the Sousa award. The recipient is selected by the band director and a vote of the band membership and band council.  Final decision rests with the band director.
The Directors’ Award
This award is given to any student in the band displaying an unending dedication, service, loyalty, cooperation, dependability, and merit to the Centerburg High School Band.  This individual is usually one who gives extra and expects nothing in return.  The director is responsible for selecting the best person to receive this award.
Participation Awards
Participation awards are given to students who participate in the high school band for the full year and receive a passing final grade.  Credit is given to students who transfer from another high school where they have participated in band.
  1. First Year Member – Certificate and Pin
  2. Second Year – Chenille Letter, Certificate and Service Bar
  3. Third Year – Certificate and Service Bar
  4. Fourth Year and Seniors – Engraved Plaque or Trophy and Service Bar
Other awards may be added to this list by the director to enhance the high school choir and band.  The above list may be modified by the director.

Middle School Awards
This year we will also be handing out awards to our middle school choir and band this year. Awards ceremonies are going to be held in conjunction with the spring concert series instead of at a separate event this year.

Concert Uniforms
The  uniform is a symbol of your school and your ensemble.  It is very costly to replace and represents a lot of hard work to purchase, keep in order, and to keep clean and in good condition. Each High school student will be assigned a uniform during the beginning of the school year. Uniforms will be kept at the school and hung neatly in the uniform room.  If a student misuses or does not take proper care of their uniform, and it becomes damaged due to neglect by the student, they will be charged to replace or repair it. A maintenance charge for cleaning and repairing uniforms during the year will be assessed.  By having the uniforms cleaned by the same cleaners, the uniforms will retain their fiber and color for a greater length of time.
        To keep your uniform neat and clean, students should follow these rules:
1.      Do not drag on the floor or ground.
2.     Let the director or uniform person know if there is a problem with your uniform.
3.     The most important care of your uniform is the proper hanging procedure.  They are not to be hung on the uniform room door handle, left hanging over the rack, draped over an locker, or stuffed inside a locker.  Uniforms belong back in the uniform room hanging on the uniform rack at the end of every function.

Middle School Concert Dress
The way you dress for a concert automatically sets the tone for the performance. We want to convey an air of professionalism the moment we step on stage. For this reason we ask that students “dress up” for their concerts.

The standard concert-dress is Black on Bottom (dress pants, skirt, shoes, tights) and white on top (White dress shirt). It is acceptable for ladies to wear a dress that is a black and white print. Sometimes the groups and directors will discuss an accent color depending on the concert theme. This will be determined closer to that date. In general though the Black and White rule applies.

Remember, MODEST IS HOTTEST! All clothing should follow the school dress code for length, depth, etc.

Parents Role
Your active support by your presence at music performances will encourage your child in his/her music work. Just talking to your child about concerts and activities will keep the lines of communication open between you, your child and the music department.

Centerburg Music Boosters
The Music Boosters are a group of dedicated parents and friends of the bands and choirs that support all music programs here at Centerburg. Anyone with a child in any music program at Centerburg is already a member of the Music booster organization.  Any community member can be a member of the boosters.  You do not have to have a child in the program to be a member.
The boosters raise money through annual fundraising events, concession stands, sales, and other projects throughout the year.  This is essential to the success of the booster organization.
The organization supports our music department by purchasing uniforms, cleaning and maintaining the uniforms, purchasing equipment, repairing school owned instruments, buying musical awards, sponsoring families in need, serving as chaperones and other duties including committee members.
Parents and friends are encouraged to become active members of the boosters.  Meetings are held the 3rd Monday of every month during the school year beginning at 6:30pm in the high school/middle school band or choir room.  Please consider helping support our students in the music programs.

Centerburg Music Department Membership Agreement

In an attempt to go digital and create less of a paper mess, this year we’re going to make our membership agreement online. Once you have read and reviewed the handbook with your student, please follow the below link and fill out the form. All electronic forms need to be completed by: Friday September 2, 2016.

(If the link doesn’t come up, you can copy and past the URL below.)

Thank you!

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Chuck Dettmar- Band Director Grades 6-12
(740)625-6055 x2185

Stasi Culbertson- Choir Director Grades 6-12

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