Sunday, October 4, 2015

Trip update: Sunday, Oct. 4th...

Congratulations Trojan Pride Band...

Last evening the Trojan Pride Band came in 2nd place with an overall score of 81.5 in the group 4 competition!  Nice going band!

We had a rough start yesterday due to a couple of bad tires and a faulty windshield wiper on the 3rd bus.    We were sure to have those items addressed and fixed and got on our way a couple of hours late.  The matter will be addressed with the bus company when we return to Centerburg.  Everyone is safe and sound!!!  No worries!

TODAY:  We are currently having breakfast and packing for our trip to the Statue of Liberty.  Winds are down on the coast to around 10-15 miles per hour  (and dropping) and temperatures will be in the low 60's today so we should have a really nice day!  Areas we are visiting are in no kind of coastal flooding threat!

Note:   While we understand that students, parents and staff were less than enthralled about the bus situation yesterday, we ask that you please let the music staff and administration handle the situation properly when returning to school.   Thanks for your support and for all the help!   See you Tuesday evening!

Friday, October 2, 2015

NJ Trip Update - Friday Morning - 8:30 AM

Hurricane going out to the Atlantic - No Immediate Threat - Trip is a go as planned!

#1  Forecast for Sat., Oct. 3rd  (competition):  Cloudy and breezy.  Around 50 degrees.

#2  Forecast for Sun. Oct. 4th ( Statue of Liberty ):  Overcast in the low to mid 60's.  Same forecast for Point Pleasant Beach in the afternoon!

#3  Forecast for Mon. Oct 5th:  Some clouds - in the low to mid 60's - possible shower.

Note:   I will be speaking to the folks in Point Pleasant Beach to see if businesses on the boardwalk will be open.  My only concern at this point is that maybe, because an impending hurricane was on the horizon, businesses have boarded up and run for the hills.  If that is the case there would be very little for 107 teenagers to do!  Once I speak to both the Pt. Pleasant Police and the Jenkinson's boardwalk owners I will update this blog.  Please check back this afternoon!

In addition, if, by chance, the boardwalk is rather "closed-up" we (the staff and chaperones) have other great activities up out sleeves and will make a call to alter the itinerary for Sunday afternoon if and when we have more information!

Once again, the hurricane is going out to sea and the most we will feel is some wind ( 10-25 mph ) and "possibly" a little rain at times!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

NJ Trip update:

Weather update and "possible" adjustments to itinerary...

#1  As of 10:00 AM on Thursday, Oct. 1st - the SATURDAY forecast for Randolph, NJ calls for some rain in the AM, then mostly cloudy in the afternoon and evening.

#2  The forecast for Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ on Sunday, Oct. 4th calls for  cloudy skies and some wind.

#3  The forecast for Point Pleasant Beach for Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 4th calls for partly cloudy skies and windy.

Obviously weather forecasts change every few hours, but at this time it looks as if all of our previously arranged plans are a go.  Please know, however, that in the event of rain and /or other than less than ideal weather conditions, the itinerary could and most likely would be adjusted as late as the morning of an event to include other great venues in the NY/NJ area, keeping our group protected and away from any bad weather.

In regards to the developing hurricane, there are so many paths it could take once hitting the Bahamas that meteorologists are even torn in how to determine it's path.  My experience with these storms is that everyone, no matter where you live, will feel some effects from it, but depending upon where it decides to come on land ( if it even does come on land) may only need to deal with some windy conditions (20-30 mph) at times, and an occasional bout of rain.  That, in my opinion, is the best case scenario, and most likely what we'll need to experience.   More updates tomorrow! 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Competition Week Schedule...

Schedule remains "as is"!!!  Same as on the master schedule!

Monday, Sept. 28th:          3:00 PM - 4:30 PM   ( Instruments, drill charts)

Wednesday, Sept. 30th:    3:00 PM - 4:30 PM   ( Instruments, drill charts)

Friday, Oct. 2nd:                3:00 PM - 4:00 PM   ( Instruments )
                                            4:00 PM - Load trailer
                                            4:30 PM - Dinner   (Mellophones & Baritones )
                                            5:00 PM - Suit-up
                                            6:00 PM - Meet in front of Elementary for warm-up
                                            6:30 PM - Enter stadium
                                            6:40 PM - Pre-game performance

A few observations by staff and student leaders:   (PLEASE READ!)

1)     Please "FIX YOUR PANT BOTTOMS" - Many band member's pants are entirely too long AND LOOK VERY SLOPPY!   If you need to, bring your pants home and have someone in your family assist you!  TAKE AN IRON TO THE BOTTOM TO CREATE A CREASE!   PLEASE LOOK SHARP!!!


3)    Band members MUST wear a black t-shirt under their uniform AND wear black socks.

*     While 98% of the band follows protocol, we are concerned about the 2% who come in each week ill-prepared.  We will perform uniform checks this week, and it will count toward your marking period grade!

Thanks everybody!    Let's have a super week!!! 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wondering what to pack for New Jersey?

Click here to view a detailed packing list as well as a list to help with planning how much spending money you will need. A hard copy of this will go home with students tomorrow. 

Jersey packing checklist

Volunteer "Part Time" Music Dept. Secretary Needed...

Music Department Secretary Needed!  (Volunteer)

*  1-3 days per week for 2-3 hours per day  ( Totally flexible )
*  Assist band and choir directors
*  Make Xerox copies
*  Collect various payments and use google programs
*  Assist with music library
*  Post blogs and other communications
*  Tend to uniforms
*  Tend to band lockers and locks
*  Other misc. items

Any parents or family members who would like to help in this capacity should contact either Stasi Culbertson or Chuck Dettmar

Monday, September 21, 2015

Homecoming Week Schedule!

Slightly modified from original fall schedule...

Monday, Sept. 21st:     Indoor practice from 3:00-4:30 PM  (Homecoming / Alumni Music)

Wednesday, Sept. 23rd:  Indoor practice from 3:00-4:30 PM  ( Alumni / Parade Music )

Wednesday, Sept. 23rd:  "Homecoming Parade" -  Parade begins at 7:00 PM, but band members should report to the Centerburg Post Office by 6:45 PM.  Attire for the parade is "Spirit-wear - whatever you want!!!)  We will load the trailer at school at 6:00 PM!

For those new members not familiar with the Homecoming Parade, we begin at the post office, march down to the rear of the maintenance building by the elementary school, and perform stand tunes by the bon fire.  Students will be dismissed from the bon fire!

Thursday, Sept. 24th:  Period 9 homecoming practice on our practice field.

Friday, Sept. 25th:   

Practice from 3:00 - 4:00 PM on field in "Alumni Block"  (Please have whatever music you'll need in your flip folio - IN A LYRE!  Everyone was fitted for one, and the cost was included in the $75 band fee! )

4:10 PM - PIZZA

4:45 PM - Suit-up (Pants and shoes only ) and practice with Alumni in "Alumni Block" on our practice field.

5:20 PM - Load trailer

5:30 PM - Head over to field

5:50PM - Meet in front of elementary

6:10 PM - enter field for pre-game.

6:20 Pre-game ceremonies begin.