Friday, March 24, 2017


Come one, come all!

OSU High School Jazz Band Day

Trojan Pride Jazz band performs at 12:35 PM this Sunday, March 26th!

Where:  Ohio State University
               Weigel Hall
               1866 College Rd. N.
               Columbus, Ohio

Google - OSU Jazz band Day for directions and various parking garage options!

Schedule:         11:20 AM                 Miami-Trace HS Jazz Ensemble
                         11:45 AM                Bloom Carroll Jazz Orchestra
                         12:10 PM                Benjamin Logan HS Jazz Ensemble
                         12:35 PM                Centerburg High School Jazz Band
                         1:00 PM                  King's HS Jazz Combo
                         1:25 PM                  Columbus Youth Jazz Workshop II
                         1:50 PM                  Columbus Youth Jazz Orchestra
                         2:15 PM                  Centennial HS Jazz Ensemble
                         3:00 PM                  Ohio State University Jazz Ensemble with
                                                         Artist-in Residence Byron Stripling
                         3:40 PM                  Final Presentation               

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Weekly Update: March 21st-25th

March 21st-25th, 2017

OSU High School Jazz Band Day:  All High School Jazz Band Members are reminded that the bus leaves at 8:00 AM this Sunday morning, March 26th.  Please arrive 15 minutes early to get your things together.  We will have the opportunity to perform 3 selections, receive a clinic on our performance, attend a jazz masterclass by Byron Stripling, director of the Columbus Jazz Orchestra, and attend a performance of one of the OSU Jazz Ensembles.  We should arrive back to school around 5:00-5:30!  We will wear our red music department polo shirts and either khaki slacks or skirts!  Bring some money for food!

Disney Trip Participants:  Be sure to return all your required forms by the end of the week!  Be sure to also turn in your check for $5 for the additional buses!

Middle School Bands:  It is the start of the 4th marking period, and with that comes a new assignment on GOOGLE CLASSROOM.  Please check it and be sure to play it by the due date!!!

Trojan Pride Percussion Battery (Drumline):  The first meeting / orientation / practice of next season's Trojan Pride Battery will be on Wednesday, March 22nd at 7:00 PM in the band room.  All participating students must attend.  If you have a schedule conflict please tell Mr. D. NOW!  There is no such thing as simply not showing up! This is the meeting where we decide on who will be playing what percussion instrument in next year's marching band!!!

Yearly Marching Band Organization Meeting:  Is slated for May 18th at 7 PM in the auditorium.  All participating students along with one parent or guardian must attend.  Please be prepared to leave a $25 check for your Music Department Polo Shirt (if you are a new member, or need a replacement).  All information will be taken from students directly following the "brief" presentation.  

Graduation Band & Memorial Day Parade:  Please mark your calendars now.   Remember:  The Memorial Day Parade is an entire week after graduation takes place, but we still need our senior contingency as they are still a part of this year's band!!!  We need to know from any seniors by May 1st if they will not be able to march!!!  Graduation is slated for Sunday, May 21st.  All band students need to attend!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Weekly Update Week of March 13th-17th

March 13th - 17th

OMEA Large Group:  

Thank you all musicians, student helpers and music booster parents for making the weekend successful as usual!  The Choir received a II in class C, and the band received a III in class B, with a II in sight reading!!!  Every year we play more advanced music, and move a little more up the ladder.  We'll discuss the judges comments briefly in band and choir class!

6th, 7th and 8th Grade bands:  

This is the final week of the 3rd marking period and because of that no new musical examples will be due - only "make-up" examples!  PLEASE check your grades to see what you still owe me and be sure to perform them before Friday!  Any musical examples not completed need to become a 0% in the grade book.

High School Jazz Band:  ( WE WILL PRACTICE NEXT MONDAY  3/20 FROM 2-4 PM!)

Our first performance of the season will be on Sunday, March 26th at the OSU High School Jazz Band Day.  The bus will leave school at 8 AM and will return at 5 PM.  Bring some money for food!  We will continue to practice after school on Mondays and Wednesdays, and will have a couple practices during 9th period band - while the others are involved in sectionals!  PRACTICE YOUR STUFF!

Middle School Jazz Band:

Practices will continue on Thursday afternoons from 3:00 - 3:45 PM!

Disney Trip:  Please read and highlight your trip itinerary and rules!

HS Honors Band Class:  Please check your grades and be sure to "make-up" anything you still owe.  Your final project topics and project ideas were e-mailed to you last Friday.  Please speak to me if you have any questions about them!

Graduation Band AND Memorial Day Parade:

Please mark your calendars NOW so we avoid any conflict!  Graduation is slated for Sunday, May 21st.  ALL high school band members are expected to attend!  The Centerburg Memorial Day Parade is scheduled for Monday, May 29th!  This happens  an entire week after graduation.  SENIORS:  WE STILL NEED YOU FOR THIS!  If you have any concerns please let us know !

Annual Trojan Pride Marching Band Meeting:

This year's marching band information and organization meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 18th at 7 PM in the CHS Auditorium.  Returning band members should pay their annual band expense payment of $75 at that time!  Other payments for items such as new band shoes or polo shirts may be accepted until the parade on Saturday, June 24th!  All new and returning band members must attend the meeting with at least one parent or guardian.  Thank you!

Go Trojan Pride!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Weekly Update - Week of Feb. 27th - March 3rd.

Weekly Update:

High School Concert band:

Denison University Concert Band Clinic:  This Thursday, March 2nd.  The buses will be "leaving" at 7:45 AM so please don't forget to arrive at school by 7:30 AM to get all your things together!

High School Jazz Band:  YES!  We are registered for and will be attending the OSU High School Jazz Band Day on Sunday, March 26th.  The bus will leave at 8:00 AM and should be returning to school around 5:00 PM.  Please practice your individual parts and be at after-school practices!

7th & 8th Grade Bands:  There will no more "playing examples due until after the concerts are over with!

6th Grade band:  Hey everybody.  Please be sure you are completing and performing your book examples each week for Mr. D.  If you need extra help just let me know.  I can work with you during intervention on certain days, period 4 or after school!


Grades 7 & 8:  Tuesday, March 7th.  Report time is 6:30 PM and attire is "Springtime" semi-formal.  Gentlemen, please wear a tie!

High School - Wednesday, March 8th  Report time is 6:30 PM and attire is "Springtime" semi-formal.  Gentlemen, please wear a tie!  Please don't forget that the Disney Trip Meeting is right after the concert!

OMEA Large Group Adjudications:

This year's Ohio Music Educator's Association District 10 Large Group Adjudications for both bands and choirs will be held at Centerburg H.S.  The CHS Concert Band will be performing for the judges on Saturday, March 11th at 1:30 PM in the auditorium.  We are asking all band members to please arrive at school by 12:30 PM as our warm-up time is scheduled for 12:55 PM, performance at 1:30 PM and sight reading at 2:05 PM.  This is a mandatory performance for all students in the high school concert band.  Parents and families are more than welcome to attend and a concession stand is available!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Weekly Update: March 21st - 24th, 2017

Weekly Update:  March 21st - 24th

OMEA (Ohio Music Educator's Association) Large Group Performances:

The CHS Music Department will once again be hosting the OMEA District 10 Large Group Adjudications on Friday, March 10th and Saturday, March 11th, 2017.  The directors will be handling the back-stage functions and tabulation room, and the music boosters will man the concession stand.  We will need parent and student help on these two days!  If you are a parent or guardian who can assist with the concession stand please contact the boosters to sign-on.  If you are a student who is willing to help with either stage-crew, tabulation room, runner and judge's assistant please sign-up for a time in the music area this week.

OMEA Performances:     The CHS Choir will perform on Friday afternoon / evening, March 10th, and the CHS Concert Band will perform on Saturday afternoon, March 11th. ( At this point there are no performance times set.  We will keep you posted)  Participation is mandatory  (100 pt. performance test), so please mark your calendars and make arrangements now!

Band Members:   Please remember to return your "signed" field trip permission slips for our Thursday, March 2nd field trip to Denison University!  The buses will be leaving at 7:45 AM!

Practicing Music:  High School Band Members - While rehearsing your part in band class is obviously going to help, PLEASE find some time to come down to the music area during the day and jump into a practice room.  If necessary, see Mr. D. for help with notes and rhythms.  Thanks!

6th Grade Band:  You're doing a super job and I'm proud of you! Make sure you keep-up with your method book assignments.  Remember:  You need to come to me to perform them if you're not recording them.

7th & 8th Grade Bands:  Your next performance example is due on Friday!  Keep-up the good work!

High School Jazz Band:  We will not have any practice this week due to the play.  Good luck you guys!  Let's get those solos rockin' !  Please remember to return your permission slip for the Sunday, March 26th OSU Jazz Festival!

Middle School Jazz Band:  Like, WOW!  You guys are doing a super job!  Relax!  It takes time to learn something new. 

Pep Band:  Thanks for a really "SUPER" season.  We'll be even better next year!  Get psyched!!!


     The 7th & 8th Grade Band and Choir Concert is on March 7th at 7:00 PM.
     The High School Band & Choir Concert is on March 8th at 7:00 PM.  The Disney Trip Meeting is immediately afterward in the auditorium!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Weekly Update 2/13th - 17th

Weekly Update...  
March 13th - 17th

OSU Jazz Workshops & High School Jazz Band Day 

Great Opportunity...!

OSU Jazz Workshops:  Saturday, March 25th  (For students in grades 9-12)
$25 Registration fee (includes pizza lunch)
Check-in at OSU Stadium Band Center between 9-9:30 AM on 3/25/17

Get together and carpool-it!

High School Jazz Band Day:  Sunday, March 26th
Our own CHS Jazz Band will be performing (Hopefully!)
(Jazz Band Members PLEASE let us know if you can make it on Sunday, March 26th.  We will need to leave school by 8:00 AM and will return to school around 5:00 PM.

We will obviously take a school bus to this event AND your families can come watch!

Disney Trip Meeting:  is scheduled for Wednesday, March 8th immediately following the band concert.  ALL student participants MUST attend and be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian!  See you there!  Aloha!

High School Band:  Please prepare from measure #45 to the end of Heaven and the Future for next Friday, February 17th.  This particular playing example MUST be recorded and either e-mailed or attached to Google Classroom.  ( Percussion will again be heard as a section ).  Let's make sure we all know our parts and sound great for OMEA Large Group this year!  Go Trojan Pride!

Middle School Band Students:  Please be sure you DO NOT fall behind on your weekly or bi-weekly playing examples!  You need to check Google Classroom and have it in to me no later than the due date!  Don't slack-off!

Memorial Day Parade:  Yes, I know it's early to be talking about it, but this year's Memorial Day Parade is actually "after" the school year has ended, and an entire week after graduation!  Yikes!!!  While we obviously respect the fact that our highly esteemed senior contingency has left us, we actually WILL need them for the parade, as it is THIS YEAR'S BAND that is marching it.  "IF" you absolutely know (ASAP - that means now) that you WILL NOT be able to join us please let us know.  Otherwise we will assume that we'll have the entire 2016-17 Trojan Pride Band in place for this important day.  Thanks!!!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Weekly Update: February 6th - 10th

Weekly Update...

High School Band  Announcements:

1)  In preparation for the upcoming performance field trip on March 2nd to Denison University, the OMEA Music Concert AND the Large group Adjudication at CHS on March 11th, ALL band members need to check the band Google Classroom site.  There are assignments due every 2 weeks that are worth 10 points each!  It is important that we all know our parts inside and out.  Please put in some time on your part so you are adding 110% to your section and to the band!

2)  Concert Band Performance field trip to Denison University on the morning of March 2nd.  The bus will be leaving AT 7:45 AM.  Please make arrangements now so you can get to school by 7:30 AM.  We will be returning to school around 11:30 AM

High School Music Department Disney Trip Meeting:

There will be a Disney trip meeting directly following the high school concert on Wednesday, March 8th.  All trip participants must attend and bring at least one parent or guardian.

Disney Trip Information:

The registration portal for the Disney trip opened at the Disney trip meeting last May and was completely closed as of January 20th.  The music staff needed to have exact numbers of participants by mid-September.  At this point registration is closed and both buses are filled to capacity.  

6th Grade Band:  Students are to continue to check their weekly assignments on Google Classroom AND either record OR play live their examples each week!  Each example is worth the same as one-week's participation grade!

7th & 8th Grade Bands:  Have performance examples due every 2 weeks, and should check Google Classroom for those assignments. 

Pep Band:  Our last game is this Thursday, Feb 9th  (Senior Night).  

Go Trojan Pride!